why duco?

Duco is a fast-growing ‘new rules’ management and marketing firm specializing in digital marketing and business development solutions.

Our executive team of management and marketing experts heads a roster of outstanding creative marketers and data scientists dedicated to shaping client success with strategy, positioning, and data-driven targeting, through innovative, creative differentiating story telling.

Our data science experts and advertising creatives are united by a shared understanding that today’s fragmented digital-first audiences can only be defined, aggregated and reached effectively through the innovative deployment of advanced data tools. We are allied to address the challenge of connecting with ‘always on’ digital citizens in ways that target and amplify investments in conventional media.

Duco's core digital marketing expertise enables the firm to attain maximum impact with hyper-digital Gen Z, Millennials, and other specific audiences. Our company has developed proprietary software tools and AI techniques to gain the real-time ability to define markets and target prospects at peak receptivity. Our ‘social media first’ process provides a means to test and refine strategic campaign roadmaps, ultimately maximizing the value of traditional media ad spend by refining strategy and ‘pre-trialing’ messaging – real world and real time - in a measurable context at a very low cost.

Client engagement is key to the Duco approach. We empower client teams with easy-to-use dashboard portals. Using our tools, clients can track and analyze campaign progress, and visualize and report on the impact of formal and informal marketing initiatives and monitor the reputational impact of campaigns. Our tools invite and welcome client engagement and insight throughout the campaign cycle.

Created in 2016, Duco is a young company headed by seasoned business performers. Duco’s executive draws on extensive consulting experience, meeting the challenges of larger institutions and keeping projects and teams on time and on target with agile management and project management skills.

meet the team

couldn't do it without them

Emrah Eren

Founder, CEO & President

oz eren

Co-founder & CPO


CMO & Creative Director


Creative Strategist
& Consultant


Social Media Analyst
& Engagement Coordinator


Data Analyst
& Machine Learning


Scientific Advisor

Tolga Tezca

Full Stack Developer


Director, Duco Green
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"With the Duco family, you can experience the professionalism, transparent management mentality, and sincere guidance of an experienced group of consultants. Whether you're trying to develop your business or start from the ground up, Duco is the right choice."

Efe Buyukylidirim
Operations Manager, Quup Heating