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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are your gateway to developing brand affinity and awareness within a highly-engaged community of brand ambassadors. The value of NFT technology lies in its adaptiveness: NFTs can function as currency, souvenirs, subscription offerings, metaverse products, exclusive artwork, etc. In turn, the audience for NFTs is vast and expanding as the value of digital artwork increases. Duco Media provides full-service for NFT projects, covering everything from artwork creation and digital advertising to data analytics and blockchain support. Contact us using the form below and let's design an NFT strategy that works for your business.

How do we work?


  • Discovery call: identification of your needs, understanding of your requirements, available budget, qualification to proceed to next step.
  • Development of Project Scope: develop specific requirements, project timeline, roles and responsibilities, client accountabilities.
  • Present Project Scope: present project scope to client. Revise as necessary.
  • Prepare Investment Proposal: develop pricing and submit to client.
  • Submit Contract

PHASE 2: Initiation

  • Project kick off
  • Assignment of Duco account manager
  • Ad account setups
  • Access & permissions to the necessary accounts & channels
  • Assignment of Client Representative and Approval Process
  • Background Research
  • Development of creative brief
  • Brand Questionnaire Administration

PHASE 3: Implementation

  • Project & deliverables execution
  • Project & deliverables feedback & approval process
  • Weekly meetings (20min touch base)
  • Bi-weekly email updates on progress.
  • Availability for urgent requests
Crypto Hasbulla NFT project Duco Media and Solutions

Crypto Hasbulla

Crypto Hasbulla is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Crypto Hasbulla is fully hand drawn and unique. Hasbullas can feature a variety of characteristics of different rarities, from background designs to Hasbulla inspired by different mood characters. All Hasbulla are special, but some are even more special than others.

Internet Game NFT project Duco Media and Solutions

Internet Game

This NFT project is unique in it's style. The Game Token (GT) NFT is your ticket to play, but it’s also a prize in itself. 5 games across 5 days. All games are simple and playable by anyone on web & mobile. The top scoring players by points get Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, CloneX, Doodles, etc. Players vote on which ones we buy for the prize pool in Discord.

Internet Game NFT project Duco Media and Solutions


HC Hogz is fighting their way to become bigger than just an NFT project. Their vision is to become the leading badass brand in the Metaverse. Trust us, they're not your typical Ape or Hippo; HC’s are on a warpath to mark their digital territory.

Internet Game NFT project Duco Media and Solutions


DVL.DGS is a cause-based NFT project dedicated to the well-being of all United States military service members, veterans and their families. Proceeds from the DVL.DGS NFT project will go directly to several established programs that serve military & veteran communities.

Bloomverse NFT project Duco Media and Solutions


Bloomverse is the first of its kind in the NFT space. Hosted on the Solana blockchain, this project is a play and earn crypto game developing on PC, mobile, console and VR. Users who own these exclusive NFT's have the chance to shop within the Bloomverse or for real life products. Bloomverse prides themselves on putting gamers first.

Kumite NFT project Duco Media and Solutions


The next generation of comic books has officially arrived. As a groundbreaking project in the comic book world, Kumite NFT is the first collection created by HeroMaker Studios. With a total of 9,600 art pieces designed by an art team lead by Clark Huggins himself, on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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