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Green business solutions for your company


It is clear that our planet is in peril: climate change, pollution and the plastic crisis are no longer crises of the future - they are here now, impacting human life and changing the planet in irreversible ways.  

As marketing experts, we recognize the responsibility we have in the race to save our planet. We are creators and promoters and we have taken on the responsibility to educate and to inform and to be part of the catalyst for the cultural and social changes needed to save our planet.

We work with businesses, corporations, municipalities and governments to develop strategic change that is sustainable in the long term and free of social bias, so that it is affordable and accessible to the masses.

Creating business solutions, products and partnerships that support the philosophy of a circular economy - where it makes business sense to save the planet - is what drove us to create Duco Green.


Duco Consulting has a long history of helping companies develop business practices and solutions that retain clients and encourage growth. This experience has allowed us to understand what consumers really want and the shifting market trends that influence these decisions. We also know that our collective social responsibility does not end there. Developing business solutions that are sustainable by design and contribute to the preservation of our planet is no longer an option but a necessity - both for the survival of traditional businesses but also that of our planet.

As more governments around the world begin to engage in greening practices, such as ban on single use plastics or setting climate change targets, organizations must adapt, grow and navigate these new standards in order to ensures their long-term success and longevity. Duco Green is here to help.

Plastic Alternatives

The plastic crisis is a global environmental catastrophe of unprecedented scale. Studies have shown that 90% of plastics are not recycled and often end up in landfills, our oceans and food systems. Duco Green works with clients to develop alternative plastics products, including those based on hemp and other bio-based substances. We strive to create products that are biodegradable or compostable and bring value to client's business. At the global level, bans on single use plastics make the need for affordable alternatives a necessity.

Community & Partnerships

Duco Green works at forging partnerships that support the local community and drive urban green development. We provide support to municipalities in the creation and promotion of content meant to lead and educate citizens and to advance the local and national sustainability agenda.

Green Solutions

Some of what we do best at Duco is our ability to design client experiences, build online brands, and use advanced analytics to deliver efficient and targeting marketing. We are agile in adapting to changing trends in digital marketing.  This is why sustainable business development was a natural next step for our team. We see a big need to educate and promote sustainable solutions and who better placed than marketing experts?

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"Before Duco we managed all of our reporting in excel and word files - a tedious and time consuming task. Although we were hesitant to change our method, Duco made the process seamless and we immediately realized huge benefits. By predicting our sales, we were able to better predict our expenses, which led to us having a better understanding of our operations on a level we never thought possible. We also increased our digital sales because we knew which campaigns were working and why."

Ahmet Oktar,
Chief of Operations, Happy Goat Coffee Co.