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Cultivate Genuine Connections with Email & SMS Automation

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Nurture Leads, Craft Engaging Newsletters, and Expand Your Reach

With our Email/SMS service, you'll benefit from personalized support every step of the way, as we work together to refine your messaging, segment your audience, and optimize your campaigns for maximum results. We'll also provide valuable insights and analytics to help you continually improve your email marketing efforts.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect authentically with your community and grow your audience. Let our Email Marketing Services be your guide to building lasting relationships and driving meaningful engagement for your business.


Make your brand known and reach the maximum audience by building email & SMS flows and automations in any software including Klaviyo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.

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Make every interaction count, no matter where people encounter your brand. Building a consistent visual palette, engaging content, and targeted copy will help you carve out your brand’s digital identity.

Leave Your Digital Fingerprint

Evolve your e-commerce site into an experience-driven, high-converting ecosystem with engaging content, unique visuals, and smooth UI. From copywriting and graphic design to back-end coding, Duco has you covered.

Excel at E-Commerce

Become the author of your brand with a solid backing from content creators, videographers, and strategists. Nothing builds long-lasting customer relationships better than transparency and relatability.

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“The team at Duco Media & Technologies exemplifies all that a digital marketing agency should be today. They blend science and creativity in a way that captures their clients’ audiences effectively. They are certainly deserving of this [Top Digital Agency] recognition.”

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Dan Olson,
Chief of Operations, UpCity