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Ignite Your Startup: Launch with a Captivating Brand, Logo, Website, and Video.

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Ignite Growth Package.

Launching a new business is a thrilling, yet challenging endeavor. As a savvy entrepreneur, you understand that taking on significant risk and investing heavily in your brand, logo, and website from the outset might not be the wisest choice. You need to make a strong impression without breaking the bank. That's why we created the Ignite Growth Package.

The Ignite Growth Package is our most affordable and practical solution for startups. It provides everything you need to make a splash, from a distinctive logo and brand identity to a sleek website and engaging intro video. Plus, we'll include customizable branded templates for your social media posts, ensuring a cohesive and professional presence across platforms.Choose the Ignite Growth Package and give your startup the launch it deserves—without a bank loan, hopefully 😉


How it works.

Step 1: Building the Foundation

To create the ideal strategy for your startup, it's essential for us to understand your business plan, target audience, value propositions, and competitors. We'll collaborate with you to effectively position your brand, define its unique tone and personality, and craft a winning strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Step 2: The Logo & Visual Brand

Our logo and branding service delivers a complete package for establishing your brand's visual identity without over complicating the process. Whether we're creating a new logo or providing guidance to update your existing one, our expertise ensures a strong and cohesive brand image. We'll develop brand guidelines that outline key elements, such as logo usage, headlines, tone, and target market, as well as craft customer profiles to tailor messaging that truly resonates with your audience. 

Step 3: Sleek Website & Video

Our web designers equip your business with a robust digital footprint. We'll collaborate with you to develop a website or landing page as the central hub for your marketing initiatives. Additionally, we'll produce a promotional video to highlight your business, and generate content templates for organic and paid media campaigns that you can use without hiring an agency.

Step 4: Go-Live

Our "Go Live" service is designed to help you launch and optimize your marketing efforts. We’ll configure your social media ad accounts, SEO, pixels to track your customers, and help create a lead generation process by testing different elements of your marketing strategy. The goal is to get your media & marketing running smoothly, so you can sit back and attract and convert new customers.

Duco's Transparent Pricing: 

$4,800 + HST

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A brand is more than just a logo. It's what that logo represents. Developing a brand lays the foundation for success. We can help with that.


A beautiful website will keep a customer hanging around... But, a video represents the validity, realness, and authenticity your start-up embodies. We can help with that.



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Video Creation


Video Creation

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