Amazon's Golden Rule is Duco's Mission: an Obsession With Customer Experience

July 23, 2020

Customer Experience

What is the secret ingredient to building a global empire? For Jeff Bezos, it comes down to one thing—a compulsion for customer experience; for Duco it’s our passion to deliver quality results for our clients and it’s a passion that drives each and every corner of our business.

Amazon is a behemoth of global business: the e-commerce and cloud computing site is the largest in the world by market capitalization and revenue. But those are just stats that prove the overall guiding principle:

An obsession with customer experience

Amazon’s customer-centric focus not only drives the decision-making, it is the core competency of the brand and acts as the guiding light for business transactions that are led by the company’s growth model. Instead of focussing on what their competitors are doing, Amazon’s attention to the customer means that they are already outthinking their competitors and can identify, and respond faster to, changing trends than competitors.

Speaking at the Economic Club in Washington, D.C. last year, Bezos explained,

The secret sauce of Amazon—where there are several principles at Amazon— the number one thing that has made us successful by far is an obsessive-compulsive focus on the customer as opposed to obsession over the competitor

We agree. In fact, our mission with each and every client is not only to create a relationship that delivers quality results, it’s also to position our clients’ experience with their customers as a competitive edge.  

Amazon has 14 principles guiding its business, yet the customer focus is the one that underpins all decision-making undertaken by the brand. Customer-centric leadership starts with the customer and works backwards—everything else is connected to the satisfaction of the customer.  For example, thinking big not only translates into taking bold directions where one can, it translates to looking for ways to serve customers better.

Amazon doesn’t sell goods and services; it sells a buying experience.  

And their core competency reflects that mindset. What makes this revolutionary is that this focus will ensure that the company is already attuned to customers’ changing needs and strategically positioned to respond to them. In a similar fashion, Duco is able to respond to our clients’ customer needs through the use of market research to deliver insights on those needs. This provides a basis for us to effectively deploy innovative strategies, backed by research, to provide accurate analyses and innovative solutions for our clients.

Knowing your customers is the building block to designing personalized services that will not only invite their loyalty, but also will entice them to evangelize to others about your organization. This is our core competency. It reflects the main tenet of Amazon and has a similar effect: we are positioned to take advantage of changing trends that affects our client’s business, as well as position our clients to do so as well. Through our commitment to deliver differentiated experiences among customers for our clients, we improve customer loyalty and create advocates through positive customer interactions. The effect is to improve revenue from new and existing customers, which is every business’ ultimate goal.