Introducing One-Time Marketing Kits: Let Duco Steer You in the Right Direction

March 4, 2021

Picture running your business like driving a car: you’re cruising along the highway on a summer day when suddenly the check engine light comes on. You figure it’s nothing so you ignore it and keep driving. Next, your oil change light comes on, then your brake pad wear indicator. By now you’re starting to realize you’re in trouble, but you’ve made it this far so you might as well keep going. One by one, cars start to pass you by until you slow to a stand still miles away from the nearest repair shop.

You’re probably thinking right now that no one in the right mind would ignore signals like that, right? In our experience, businesses do this all the time. Ignoring the signs of decelerating growth until they lack the resources to invest in quality marketing. That’s why we’ve introduced our Marketing Kits. One-time projects that foster long-term growth for your business without monthly commitments.

Marketing Momentum Kit

As the name suggests, this kit gives your business the nudge it needs to build up goal crushing momentum. Providing a well-rounded range of solutions, the overall goal of this kit is to pinpoint areas of improvement within your digital presence. From there, we use our time efficiently to make immediate improvements and supply you with the framework for continued social and advertising engagement.

Viral Awareness Kit

Your business’ story is the most impactful message you can share with the world. Therefore, you should be producing content that not only garners high views and engagement metrics, but builds brand affinity. By creating binge-worthy content that expresses your brand’s values and differentiators to an ideal target audience, you’ll gain loyal followers with emotional connections to your company.

Social Capital Kit

Social media is the most accessible and immediate platform for promoting your brand. It’s also the most saturated and competitive. Most businesses see it as an afterthought and are treated as such by potential clients, but by investing into unique creative and content templates you can set up strategies for long-term, continual growth on various social platforms. In addition, your access to Duco Analytics gives you multi-channel access to all your social and advertising accounts so that you can change strategies on the fly with real-time updates.

We’re marketers, not mechanics, but we can spot when your business needs a tune up. For most companies, the limiting factor is the expensive price point of hiring an in-house marketing team or even signing onto a retainer-based model with an agency. These require a financial and time commitment that most businesses don’t feel comfortable sacrificing, and rightly so. That’s the magic of our Marketing Kits: short-term affordable projects that set your business up for long-term growth.

Read more about our Marketing Kits at the link below or sign up for a free consultation using the form at the bottom of that page, here.

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