Bringing Your Brand to Web 3.0: The Story of Habbo Hotel

May 12, 2022


Habbo Hotel was founded at the turn of the millenia by the, at the time unknown, Finnish company Sulake. Designed as a social MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) geared towards teens and young adults, it had a heavy emphasis on character customization, digital ownership, and virtual trend chasing. By all accounts, it was quite ahead of its time, and its in-game mechanisms foreshadowed what would eventually become the world of NFTs.


As a pre-existing company with defined brand values and a passionate audience, Habbo Hotel was in a unique position to drop an NFT collection. On December 21st, 2021, they launched their first collection of Habbo Avatars. Essentially just custom models based off their in-game avatars, which sold out within 26 hours of going live. 

 Aside from the novelty and promised resale value, what motivation does a Habbo Hotel player have to make such an extravagant purchase?

1. Ethereum Wallet Connection

Users can connect their Ethereum crypto wallets directly to their Habbo Hotel accounts to link their NFT purchase with their existing account. 

2. NFT In-Game Avatar

With their accounts connected, users can actually play the game using their Habbo Avatar NFT for other users to see. They even have the option to display a special badge, displaying their avatar as their very own NFT.

3. NFT ‘Furni’

Additionally, users gain access to an exclusive collection of in-game furniture that can be paid for with Ethereum crypto and used to decorate their in-game room.

4. Habbo Club & Builders Club

Perks which normally require a monthly subscription are now free for life if a user has an NFT Habbo Avatar, offering further customization and access to game mechanics and an additional incentive to purchase.

What You Can Learn

We aren’t all in the privileged position of owning an established and wildly successful brand like Habbo Hotel, but there’s still something to learn from Habbo Avatars’ success story. NFT ownership can’t exist in isolation. Users want to show their NFTs to the world, both as a statement of wealth/esteem and as a way to stay connected with the community after the sale. For some companies that means creating Twitter accounts based on NFT characters with trademark profile pictures. For Habbo Avatars, it meant playable versions of NFT purchases. 

As the NFT market is still in its naissency phase, innovation is a seller's best friend. You might have a brilliant plan, but it takes a team to help turn concepts into campaigns and breathe life into ideas that would otherwise fade on the drawing board. If you’d like to find out how you too can create a world for your NFTs, reach out to us. Let’s grow your community.

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