Emotion Recognition - The Next Big Thing for CX

May 22, 2020


If you read our previous blog you know that we are obsessively seeking new ways to collect experience data – specifically in an attempt to replace (or significantly compliment) the dreaded survey. Our mission is to help businesses capture the customer & employee experience without additional burden to the customer or business. The answer: Artificial Emotion Recognition.

So… we started doing some research, and as it turns out, there are dozens of companies creating products, applications, and a bunch of other really cool / innovative customer experience solutions that leverage new technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Specifically, there is an emerging market around emotion recognition APIs and solutions that are able to capture customer/employee experiences, and other very critical performance indicators in real time.

There are four companies below which we thought are doing some really cool stuff. If you want to see a complete list of emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies check this link: Note that emotion recognition is on the list (yes!)

  1. Emotion Research Lab: This innovative company has built emotion and expression recognition software which captures the following: Emotion Detection, Attention Time, Traffic, Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Face Detection, Face Tracking, and Comparison Metrics. They also have a cool dashboard that brings important metrics together.
  2. Kairos: If you want to build your own emotion recognition tools and solutions, look no further than Kairos. They have an amazing API which you can trial for 14 days!
  3. Noldus: More on the academic / scientific side of things, Noldus is an established player in the game. Noldus has a number of facial/emotion recognition tools that you can use to measure experiences in real time.
  4. Affectiva: Affectiva leads the way in Emotion AI. They have the API and solutions you need to fast track any emotion recognition program which could support your customer experience initiative. Check them out.

We are currently reviewing other innovations in the field of emotion recognition and will update you as we discover new gems. Stay tuned for more updates as we go down this rabbit hole!