Ontario's Blue Box Program is Getting a Face Lift!

April 2, 2021


What do the changes to the Ontario Blue Bin Program mean for your business?

Did you know that Ontario was the first place in the world to start a local curb-side recycling program? And that the program has now been replicated in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world?

The Blue Box Program was started in Kitchener, Ontario in 1981, offering the first ever curb-side recycling program. Since then, the idea has grown into a global one, and is now replicated in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world.

A lot of progress has been made with the Blue Box Program but we still have a long way to go. A 2017 survey showed that in Ontario, less than 50% of Residential waste gets diverted from landfills while Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) organizations only divert 17% of their waste.

With the Renewing of the Blue Box Program, the Made-in-Ontario Plan commits to holding producers and manufacturers responsible for the waste generated from their products and packaging across Ontario starting January 1, 2023!

Under this new framework, known as individual producer responsibility (“IPR”), producers of a variety of products will be individually responsible for collecting and then recycling or reusing their products and packaging. This new approach supports the concept of a circular economy which is based on the elimination of waste from the life cycle of products and packaging. This will have tremendous impact on how producers and manufacturers of plastic waste currently deal with the disposal of their products.

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