Step Up Your Game - How to use the Customer Experience to Improve Your Business

April 9, 2020


Duco Consulting Launches its first line of business: Customer Experience Solutions

This has been a while in the making and I am pleased to announce the launch of Duco Consulting – a firm dedicated to helping businesses grow by optimizing their processes and helping them build the ultimate experience for their clients. (This is also Duco’s first blog!!). As with any start-up, there is an interesting story behind how I started Duco but I will leave that for another post. Today I wanted to talk about something that is super exciting for me: the launch of Duco’s first product line in the Customer Experience (CX) domain: our Ultimate Customer Experience Package. But what is it, and really what does this mean for you?

Businesses understand the importance of creating positive, memorable, and exciting experiences for their consumer base. Companies who invest in building customer experiences have higher profit margins, year over year revenue growth, and for those companies who are publicly offered – better share value and appreciation. Perhaps the Virgin brand is at the forefront of this revolution – gaining market share in every industry it decides to enter – ultimately because of the amazing experiences they design for their customers. Anyone who has taken a flight with Virgin Atlantic/Airlines will know the difference between a good and bad flight experience.

But client experience is a complex phenomenon, touching into almost every line of your business – essentially, every interaction your organization has with its customer creates a touchpoint which contributes to the individual experience. From how your organization is presented on a google search to what your employees say about your business at their neighbours BBQ, creates a touch point and adds to the overall experience of your business and products.

Investing in your customer experience, regardless of which industry you are in, is not a short-term project. You need a long-term vision and strategy, the appropriate tools, products, and client experience models and competencies to drive your business to the next level. You need to understand where your business is and have baseline data for your different touch points. Not customer satisfaction ratings – but customer experience ratings which are collected in innovative surveys, tailored to your business, and the result of consultations, focus groups, and interviews with your staff.

Duco’s CX Solution

Using a methodology of business optimization and quality improvement, Duco Consulting can improve your customer experience, increase customer retention and attraction rates, and enhance your company’s  online reputation. We achieve these goals through a series of interventions that leverage the principles of business psychology. For example, we utilize focus groups and interviews with your employees and customers to understand the specific challenges of your business. Other critical solutions provided by Duco include the implementation of customer experience surveys, analytics and insights, online reputation management (i.e., improving ratings on Google and other search engines and sites) and research into best practices in your specific industry. After this initial stage, Duco prepares an action plan with specific recommendations on how you can improve your business and customer models.

Duco does not take the term ‘consulting’ lightly. We are rooted in the traditional belief that consulting should yield results catered to individual businesses and organizations. We are also set to revolutionize the consulting industry with our innovative approach. Our consulting philosophy and business model are simple. We work with our clients to identify problems and design solutions before they spend a dollar or sign onto a contract. This is how confident we are with the work we do.