How We Took the Breakmood Brand to the Next Level

April 27, 2021


Let’s say you want to market your brand to millennials and Gen Z, but you don’t have the key ingredient for this audience: a powerful digital presence. How do you grow your brand in a time when competition for digital mind space is fiercer than ever?

This was the task we faced last year when we transformed Breakmood, a new apparel brand, into an up-and-coming player in the digital market. First, we gave them a facelift and identity positioning that would resonate with values and habits that appeal intimately to millenials and Gen Z audiences. We then built a new e-commerce site based on this new identity and prepared it for business. But organic traffic was slow at first because the brand was too new, and the content on the site was limited. While we have had great success with paid advertising campaigns, these are difficult to fund for a small brand. Our solution was to build on these first steps by developing a holistic social media strategy: we created a photo and video shoot, we collaborated with influencers, we engaged the community, one customer and follower at a time. In other words, we did not just rebrand Breakmood from the ground up—we also made Breakmood the center of a new community organized around its mission and product.

This is only the beginning of our journey with Breakmood, but we have had great success in a short time. This new community now has a few hundred followers, and it is growing every day thanks to excellent relationships with influencers in the Australian region.

With an average of 59,000 impressions per week across organic and paid advertising, Breakmood is seeing some great results from Duco’s vision for digital marketing.

To be part of this vision of success, follow 3 steps:

  1. Always start your marketing efforts with an evaluation of the brand. Evaluate the positioning, the target audience, and how the digital presence currently aligns with the brand.
  2. Focus on creating a small but tight-knit and “tribal” following. Don’t evaluate the KPI by your number of followers, but by the quality of content and the engagement of your followers.
  3. Post relatable and shareable content. The more times a follower sees a post they think their friend may like, the better! More shares = more engaged followers.