Making a SPLASH with a Fresh, Sustainable, and CANNED Water Company

February 24, 2023

Spotlight Series

It’s 2023, and people are becoming much more conscious of the impact their actions have on the environment.

With plastic waste and single-use packaging being a leading environmental issue, it's crucial that we find alternative solutions. This is exactly what inspired Zach and Daniel, the co-founders of Splash Water, to start their own beverage company.

Let’s rewind to October of 2020 - into the midst of the pandemic - when Splash Water was born.

Zach and Daniel have been friends and teammates for their entire lives and they always knew they collaborated incredibly well together. During this period when everyone was stuck at home, the now called Splash Bros, decided they wanted to work  on something together, a business idea.

They realized it wasn’t so much about the idea but who they wanted to be and the positive impact they wanted to leave on the world. 

After doing some research on single-use plastics, one of the world's most pressing issues, they learned about the compelling problems associated with the water industry and its primary packaging; such as overflowing landfills, polluting of the oceans, threat to marine life and overall, lack of recycling & sustainable alternatives. Beyond the environmental repercussions, there is a greater problem at hand and that is the struggle of finding clean water for drinking and sanitation, an issue that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world. The duo then began exploring sustainable alternatives, and quickly discovered that aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage packaging, with the highest recyclability and recycling rate.

There is a gap in the market & Splash Water wants to fill it.

How? By being the perfect middle ground between single-use plastic bottles and reusable water bottles. They aim to bring a whole new look to the water industry with their company's charming personality and influential mission.

There was an opportunity to make a difference in the market and create a new brand that would stand for something more than just sustainability.

They noticed the disregard for the environment that numerous large companies were showing - they were solely focused on minimizing costs, without considering the adverse impacts on the environment . Splash knows that in ten years, every company will have to be sustainable and so they need to go above and beyond.

To Splash Water, philanthropy is a powerful part of their mission - they want to give back to their community in a transparent and meaningful way.

They want to change the world by changing the way people drink water. Their Duty? Generating awareness, setting an example, creating a movement, and getting Splash Water into your nearest retailer (& that’s just the start).

So, what’s next?

Splash Water has already taken strides towards their mission.

The Splash Bros recently traveled to Tanzania, Africa with a non-profit organization to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and funds for safe water projects in Tanzania. The experience was eye-opening for the co-founders, as they were really able to see the lack of infrastructure throughout the country and the impact that access to clean water has on communities. Splash Water wants their customers and followers to feel connected to their mission and be a part of this positive change. 

Splash Water is a company that is making a difference in the world.. They're setting an example for other companies to follow, and doing it in a way that's accessible and relatable to everyone.

Water in a can - CAN you believe it?!

For more information on Splash Water and their mission, visit their website at

Splash Water aligns with Duco Green in their dedication to preserve the Earth. To learn more about Duco Green, click here.